See-through pantry drawer


Materials: Rationell deep drawer, pencil, ruler, jigsaw, angle grinder, clamp, saw horse, rubber mallet, power drill, wood screws, gloves, eye & ear protection.

Description: Finished installing a new IKEA kitchen that the wife loves (compared to our old shack).

In the new pantry, tried the “˜Rationell” wire basket fitting – but was left disappointed with the general fit/quality/noise of the item.

After four days, we replaced the wire basket with a normal “˜Rationell”€™ deep drawer unit (with soft close catches).

However, now my wife was unable to see anything stored in the top shelf.

The solution was to combine both features of wire basket, and deep drawer unit.

– Headed down to local hardware store, that stocks DIY wardrobes (and fittings). Bought a wire basket fitting

– Took apart the deep drawer, and measured a simple rectangle in the base wood plate.

– Left enough room (on this base plate), for the metal drawer running components (about 25mm).

– Used the jigsaw to cut a rectangular hole.

– Measured the wire basket base about 10mm larger than the rectangular hole created.

– Carefully cut the basket metal with an angle grinder.

– Using a rubber mallet (against a wooden saw horse), bent the edges of the basket-cut-out, to make a lifted-edge (roughly 10mm).

– Fitted the wire inside the wood base plate, and secured all together through the holes of the wire (using 20mm wood screws).

– Refitted the new drawer base to the metal drawer runners, and re-fitted inside the pantry.

Now anything stored in the top of the pantry is visible to other (vertically challenged), people in the house.

~ Mattius, Australia