TRIQDEM Canopy Bed

Materials: STORA Loft bed, 4 “L” joint brackets and careful assembly

Description: I thought about doing this a while back when I first saw the simple STORA loft bed because it had no desk on the bottom and was really obvious that it could work. I priced modern canopy beds that I liked (Usually one’s with solid wood, square and sturdy) and found the average price to be around $700, though they did go up to $1,600. Not to mention I live in a 600sf studio in Downtown and I do love my FULL size bed, and most beds I found were Queen. So finally this week I bought a STORA loft bed on craigslist for $60!(Full with no accessories other than the ladder) and went to work. I did not take photos as I went but I will explain. Here’s what I did:

1: Read the instructions carefully. I’ve learned that they are in an exact order so nothing ends up backwards and so you don’t have to retrace steps.

2: I assembled the headboard and footboard and left out the “top boards” which were intended to be the guard railings. I used only the middle board supporting the mattress support and 2 side rails.

3: I then connected the headboard and footboard using the wood bean provided. I put together the mattress support with slats on its own and then placed it UPSIDE DOWN so that at this point, the headboard, and footboard were ALL being assembled upside down and the mattress support face up on top.

4: Now with that all in place, there was a 1 1/2″ – 2″ gap between the mattress base and support beam, so I used the extra wood from the guard rail (2 small boards) to fit in between and it worked perfect.

5: At this point the bed is together, but the top “canopy” is not. Because the bed is now upside down, there are no holes in the posters to screw the canopy to, so I used 4 “L” brackets to connect them right to the top (You can put them wherever you want though) You can also use 8 small ones on each side, but I wanted it as simple as it could be.

That was it. It took me 1 hour.

The bed can be made many different ways actually. I chose the STORA loft bed because it was solid wood and could be painted though I will keep it black. You will also have extra boards that you can use to make gallery shelves or cut to fit as nightstands or just use the extra ones to make a headboard. I chose not to since I like it the way I have it for art on the headboard wall.

BONUS******* I also used the ladder as a bookshelf and made a nice reading area, so nothing went to waste and it was worth every penny of the $65 it cost me!! hahaha.

~ Joseph Kinsella, Seattle Washington