Vestby Server Cabinet


Materials: Vestby Drawers

Description: I recently purchased a computer server (NAS) and need to place somewhere between by living room and my study.

This begs for a cabinet that can provide plenty of ventilation, as the computer will be running full time. To my surprise, this cabinet can act as a couch side table.

I found a discarded Vestby drawers in good condition, and began coming up with a few ideas.

The open frame design of the Vestby means I can create a cabinet without the use of any solid panels.

Please excuse my lack of step by step photos, as I just discovered this site after I made the cabinet.


1. Strip off all polypropylene plastic from the Vestby, including all staples. This is made easier by dismantling the frame.

2. If required, the frame width can be shorted by sawing off excess width, then re-connect the side panel to suit.

3. Measure and cut two pieces of 9mm plywood for the top and bottom shelf. Securing with counter sink screws.

3. Spray paint the cabinet black, or any colour or finishes to suit your decor.

4. purchase enough fiberglass fly screens to cover the frame. I’ve only done the sides and front panel, with an open back for cables.

5. Using a staple gun to fix the fiberglass in place. Make sure it is taught and tensioned before fixing.

6. Saw off the leg if require, or to suit the couch height.

I made much of the planning on the fly, i did not sketch out or over planned the process, as this is quite simple to hack.

Hope you enjoy it.

~ Lauzer