Besta Built-In Family Room Bookshelf and TV Unit


Materials: Besta shelves

Description: This is our 2nd IKEAHack.  We had previously built a shelf/closet system for our living room out of Pax and Besta units.

We wanted to do something similar for our family room which would also hold the TV and have some lower cabinets for storage out of sight.

We decided to use all Besta units and to get the “cabinet” look (deeper than the upper shelves) we:
1) moved the lower Besta units out about 7 inches away from the wall

2) installed a 22.5″ deep wood countertop on top of the lower shelves also supported by a wall cleat

3) added doors to the lower shelves

4) added a side panel to hide the 7″ gap


On top we used two tall shelves on the sides and suspended another shelf between them, to create a space for the TV (since the Besta shelves do not have space for a moderately sized TV).


Instead of building the entire tall shelves and placing them on top of the countertop, we removed the shelf base and attached the shelf sides directly to the countertop.  We used the cam lock screws by screwing them directly into the countertop to hold the shelf sides.


We also added crown molding at the top and a curtain to cover the TV when it is not in use.

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