Besta PEZ display ever!

BESTÅ 3-shelf, extra shelving (pack of 2), clamp meter ware, double-sided foam tape, iron on shelf edging in white

Description: My son, 11, collects PEZ – for years he has lined them along the top of the wainscoting in his room however they often toppled over domino style whenever one was knocked over often resulting in chipped feet or even – an occasional beheading. So…it was off to IKEA.

We bought the 3-shelf BESTÅ and some extra shelves at IKEA – forget the name but they were sold as a 2-pack near the BESTÅ series.

At a DIY I picked up clamp meterware, double-sided foam sticky tape and iron on edging to clean up the shelves once we sawn then them to the desired size.

We decided to make a three row platform on each level …
First saw the extra shelving as follows:
3 : 5cm x 55 cm
3 : 10cm x 55 cm

Tidy up at one side of each new shelf using the iron-on edging tape.

Now cut plastic clamps (sold in meters where I live) into 50 cm strips and attach about half a cm from the edge and center if a 5, 10 and existing shelf.

Slide in PEZ into the 5 cm shelf clamps first – note we placed the taller PEZ on this shelf which will be the back row. About 11-13 fit with some spacing in between.

Place the 10 cm shelf onto the existing shelf and carefully add the loaded 5 cm shelf. Now add PEZ to the 10 cm and existing shelves.

Done – ready to hang – oh, depending on how you want to use the shelf – you may want to drill the holes and attach the including hanging hardware if you hang it.

we are considering adding a grip with hooks and cup type holders to the bottom of this unit or maybe a strip of led lights but are pretty happy with it for now. The BESTŅ doors are quite heavy so we opted against them as the shelf is hung above my son’s desk. We added a bracket (DIY) for additional support which is covered by the IKEA magnetic pin board.

See more of the PEZ display.

~ Anne, Germany