Flip-flop LERBERG shelving

Materials: LERBERG, drill, 2.5″ screws, drywall anchors, stud finder

Description: 1. Install the shelves on your Lerberg shelf unit upside-down from the way they appear in the instructions.

2. Though two holes already exist near the top on the flat side of the unit, drill a few more up the length of the legs. These will be the holes you use to anchor the shelf into the wall.

3. Determine where you want to hang the shelf, marking where the holes you drilled will fall on the wall.

4. Take a stud finder to determine if you will be able to anchor them into a stud (ideal scenario) or whether you will need to use drywall anchors.

5. Use 2.5″ screws either directly into the stud or into drywall anchors* and hang the shelf on the wall.

6. Fill your shelf up with books and enjoy your newly freed floor space.

*If you have not been able to anchor the legs into a stud it is highly recommended that you drill additional holes in the back of the each shelf and screw them directly into a stud for extra support.

~ Garren