Kitchen Island with UTBY top

Materials: UTBY Stainless Steel top, GRUNDTAL shelf poles

Description: I had to build this island in place since there were two studs from a wall removal which was attached electrical, and I didn’t want the expense of hiring an electrician.

So I had to cut through the metal, and inner MDF of the UTBY Stainless Steel top, using metal grinder for the metal cutting, taking breaks because it got so hot it scorched the MDF (when you do this make sure to take breaks and fire precautions, if you need to cut it).

I built the island using SPF studs for a frame, and laminated shelving stock pine (Brazil pine, very dense and stains like a hard wood) which I bought at a hardware store.

I used my forcener bits to drill nice holes into the wood which I slotted the GRUNDTAL poles into, you can cut the GRUNDTAL poles with a metal hack saw, but a band-saw is easier.

When it was complete I filled the holes with putty, sanded, stained to match the IKEA door fronts I used (built my own boxes out of oak plywood, but that is a millwork hack for another time, so much better then MDF boxes!).

Oh, and the top posts, I used the same pine as the base of the island, but I finished it in old oak stain, and the IKEA wood counter sealer product, since I used their oak counter for the rest of the kitchen.

Total price for this island set me back about 400 bucks, and tonnes of work … but it is a custom furniture piece, not a flimsy island … could park a 300 lbs man on it, and it wouldn’t budge.

~ Jennifer Uriel, Canada