A cutting board rack made from 2 spice racks

My kitchen doesn’t have a lot of extra storage and it really bugs me to have my cutting boards sitting on the counter. I’ve seen the posts about putting them in a magazine holder but I’ve found that while mine are standard size, they seem to be too big. So I decided to make my own cutting board rack.

The BEKVÄM spice rack is wider than my cutting boards and when my IKEA member discount made them only $2.99, it was too good of a deal to pass up!


Photo: IKEA.com

I knew I wanted to mount the cutting board rack on my kitchen island so I started by painting both BEKVÄM sets black. I then assembled the bottom one according to the directions and the top one, I glued the bar into the side pieces.

A cutting board rack made from 2 spice racks

I measured to mount the lower rack the width of the cutting boards plus 1 inch. I attached this to the island and then added the other unit consisting of just sides and bar at the mid-point.

A cutting board rack made from 2 spice racks

So simple, so easy and so convenient!!

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