Laundry Hamper turned Beautiful Modern Side Table

Materials: IKEA ANTONIUS Laundry Hamper, Piece of cut wood

Description: 1. Removed hamper bag from hamper frame.
2. Spray painted frame of the hamper black
3. Went to Lowes and had the nice gentleman in the lumber department cut me a thick square of wood (any indoor wood) about 15.5 inches on each side. The thickness of this piece of lumber was about 2 inches.

4. I used a fine toothed sand paper and lightly sanded the wood.
5. I stained the wood with my favorite walnut stain.
6. I attached the wood to the frame by using an epoxy bond. Wood glue or drilling holes and using wood screws would work, too!

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~ Katy The Clever Bunny, Tulsa, Oklahoma