Antonius becomes C&B’s frame table!!!

Antonius becomes C&B's frame table

Materials: Antonius laundry frame and piece of wood

I really wanted something like the frame tables at Crate and Barrel for nightstands, but I wasn’t willing to pay $349 each! I realized the frame from my Antonius laundry basket was exactly the same! I happened to have a scrap piece of bowling alley floor in the garage for the tops and for $6.99 each frame, I had the same look.

My older Antonius frame was silver, but the new ones I found at my local IKEA were white so I may leave them white, or simply spray them silver so they are a perfect match. You could also lay the frame on it’s side and use it as a coffee table! I am so happy how it turned out, but I am even happier I did it for 13 bucks! Take that C&B!!! I like mine even better! I included a pic of the C&B table too (pic, right)!

~ Christy, Chicago

Jules Yap