Numerar Standing Desk with Micke Drawer and Henriksdal Bar stool

Materials: Numerar Birch Countertop, Vika Byske legs, Capita Brackets, Micke Drawers, Galant Cable Manager, Dioder LED, Henriksdal Bar stool

Description: Supplies
Numerar Birch Countertop – 2 x 73″€ Countertops – 500.864.16
Vika Byske – 2 x Legs – 846.090.85
Capita Bracket – 4 x brackets – 501.736.54
Micke Drawer Unit – 1 x Black/Brown Drawer – 402.447.51
Galant Cable Management – 1 x 53″ Tray
Henriksdal Bar stool – 1 x 30″€™ Chair – 801.557.38
Henriksdal Bar stool cover – Linneryd Natural – 901.556.91
Dioder LED Multi-Color Lightstrips – 1 x Light strip set – 501.923.65

Cut one countertop to a length of 60″ leaving it 25″x60″€, cut the second countertop to 60″ length and 20″€ width. The goal was for the upper countertop to have an overhang over the lower. After cutting the pieces to proper size, I sanded each one starting at 60 grit paper working my way up to 600 grit paper on each top. Used Minwax Pre-stain wood treatment to prep the wood for finish and did not stain the wood. Finished the wood using Minwax rub-in polyurethane and applied 3 coats, without sanding between coats I used a 3″ hole saw tool to cut two holes in each countertop, all holes are cut exactly 20″ from the ends of each piece.

The upper countertop was cut 2″€ from the back of the top. The lower countertop was cut 4″€ from the back, allowing enough room for the 1.5″ think anchor board. These three inch holes will be used as cord pass-throughs. Using the capita brackets place them between the tops in a way that suits your liking and mark and drill the holes. Using saw horses, dry-fit the tops on the wall to make sure the height and look is ok. I then placed the Vika Byske legs on the front corners, setback from the edge just a few inches.

Cutting down the second countertop left a 60″€x4″ piece of countertop that I anchor to the wall to act as the shelf for the back of the counter top. The top of the anchor piece was set to a height of 34″€ from the floor. The height of this board was calculated by taking the desired height of the desktop(43″€) minus the thickness of both countertops(3″€) and the height of the Capita Brackets(6.75″€). I used large anchor screws, like the ones that come with a flat screen tv mount to anchor the piece with into 3 studs with 2 bolts in each stud.

Make sure your anchor board is completely level. Once the piece was anchored to the wall, I took the lower top, and placed it on the anchor board, leveling out the legs making sure it was level front to back and side to side. Using the L-brackets that came with the countertops, I secured the tops to the anchor board. After securing the lower piece, I then placed the upper piece, capita brackets in place, onto the lower and secu red together. After securing the pieces, level the tops again.

At this height the Henriksdal 30″ bar stool will slide completely under the lower top and the back slides under the upper top. I used the Galant cable tray to manage all the cords along with a 10 outlet power strip from Lowes.

~ Dick Y., Dallas, Texas