Quick look at the 2014 IKEA catalog: I am loving it!

It’s a crazy morning, with an airport run later in the day, yet I couldn’t resist checking out the new 2014 IKEA catalog when I received an email from IKEA this morning which announced “The new 2014 IKEA catalog is here”. Brewed a huge mug of coffee and quickly browsed the online version.

At first look, I love it! It feels different from last year’s – a little more cheerful, the new products seem to catch my eye and leave me a little breathless. Yes, it passes my first 2 seconds gut test. Well done, IKEA! 

IKEA 2014 catalogue

The 2014 IKEA catalog is divided into sections:

  • Introduction to their new catalog
  • Ideas for relaxing, business, organizing, children, eating, kitchen, sleeping, bathroom
  • Styles families – material and colours that work well together, such as black and white themes, rustic, neutral and more.
  • Products – product information in greater detail
  • Shopping at IKEA – how to make the most of your shopping experience at IKEA, including mention of the new IKEA mobile app

Style family pages help you see groupings of furniture, texture and materials that may work well together. An inspiration board of sorts.

Now onto what captures my attention. The new Stockholm range, hands down. Like this Stockholm flatwoven rug, which made me regret not waiting for this new baby (and buying this just weeks ago. Buyer’s remorse sank in after seeing this.)

The new catalog also feeds my current yellow fever, with bursts of the happy color all over – from chairs to a little bird in a cage. (KLADSAM mobile)

The Stockholm chairs, now swivel. And don’t you just love the chandelier?

Besides the Stockholm, what else?

Well, this FRIHETEN corner sofa bed is a great idea. Compact but opens up to much more. I am not crazy about the fuchsia though.

KNAPPER floor mirror with space for hangers. I can foresee this being useful in many bedrooms and bathrooms. 

A mini IKEA for your child to play house or upgrade Barbie and Ken’s home.

And of course, it’s always heart warming to see IKEA do some hacking themselves. IVAR frames with fabric makes a nice screen.

And oh my deer, now that the “owl” crazy is over … could this be next?

That’s all I can manage from my first hour checking out the 328 page tome. Let me know what you think of the 2014 IKEA catalog.