Your turn to dip

Materials: SNUDDA, 6 small glass bowls and a bigger one, scrap piece of nice wood (I used walnut), Bandsaw, Router, Routertable, Hole-Saw

Description: 1. Unscrew the turning-mechanism.
2. Make three boards using the scrap piece of nice wood. The shape should end up like a wave.
3. Layout the holes for the small bowls (every 60°) and mark the lines for the grooves which will receive the 3 boards from step 2. (right in the middle between every second hole)
4. Drill the holes and rout the groove.

5. Sand down the edges of the holes.
6. Glue the boards into the grooves.
7. Finish it with varnish and some beeswax.
8. Attach the turning mechanism back to the modified plate.
9. Place the larger bowl among the three “waves”, fill it with potato chips (or you may fill it with vegetables like carrots, sweet pepper)
10. Place the six small bowls in the holes and fill them with different dips.

See more of the SNUDDA snack bowl.

~ Peter Freitag, Germany

Jules Yap