An Artsy Jewellery Organizer

Silhouette Jewellery Organizer 3- Suburble - Copy-713859

Materials: Ikea Kvill frame, corkboard, burlap, paint, Mod Podge, gold spray paint

Description: The Kvill frame was spray-painted gold (which gave it a much more “grown-up” appearance).

Burlap was adhered to a piece of corkboard cut to 5X7, using paint and Mod Podge mixed together.

Once the burlap and paint was dry, a stencil of a woman’s silhouette was then painted in its center (to create the appearance of a cameo).

jewellery organizer tutorial - Suburble-799916
Jewellery Organizer Tutorial 2 - Suburble-709331

Once the burlap/corkboard piece had dried, it was then slipped into the Kvill frame.

Voila! Instant jewellery organizer with style! The earrings hang off of the burlap (or are pushed into the cork), and the look of the piece is less utilitarian and more home decor!

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~ Tara, Canada