Chandelier DJ Style


Materials: Maskros, CDs, Hot Glue, 1″ round mini mirrors

Description: I wanted to make something special for a very good friend of mine that happens to be an incredible DJ/Producer 🙂 so I decided to make him a chandelier out of CDs.

I had some left over blank cds that I bought a long time ago and since one side had writing on it, I went ahead and covered it with a white cd label sticker and that is how you get the silver look in one side and the white on the other.

To make it easy to work on I used a very tall vase and placed the lamp on top.

I started to hot glue the cds but make sure you leave a space in between to avoid a crowded look.





I cut off the metal sticks I didn’t use but I left the ones on the top and the bottom.

Finally, I glued the mini mirrors to cover all the plastic clips.

I had also made this same lamp in other cd colors and the look amazing in the room.

I hope you can have a better understanding by looking at the pictures I took.


~ Jenn Clarke, West Palm Beach, Florida


Jules Yap