Emergency replacement for bird nest


Materials: IKEA PS VÅLLÖ– watering can, coated wire, old towels

Description: Wrap coated or uncoated wire around handle and spout to make a loop about 3 feet long. Put rags in the bottom of the watering can to raise the level at least 2/3 of the way to the top. You could consider putting holes in the bottom of the can if there is a chance of rain and you have time.

Next, place the downed baby birds in the watering can. Then, hang the watering can high in the tree by the wire loop, and then hope for the best.

We couldn’t believe it but our Ikea PS Vallo emergency bird nest worked! The parents returned to the “nest” after about 40 minutes and raised both baby doves to adulthood.

I know this isn’t the usual Ikea Hack, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the picture of the content mama bird sitting on her brood again.

~ Judy, United States