Materials: 7 black Lack shelves (26×30 cm), 8 pine shelves Ekby Tryggve, white pained steel legs from building market, carpet tape

Description: 1. Unpack all pieces.
2. Fasten support like legs or whatever you choose on the Ekby Tryggve shelf to be the lowest.
3. Use Lack shelves put on the edge as stands. The height of the shelf can be either 26 or 30 cm.
4. Move them around, put Ekby Tryggve on them as you build, and find a combination you like.


I have put the Lack shelves straight but they can be turned in many ways. I have also put the black Lack flush with the front edge of Ekby Tryggve and the white Lack flush with the back edge of Ekby Tryggve as can be seen on the pictures.

5. While you try to find out how you want the Lack pieces to be distributed, the shelf is fairly stable. When settled one can use screws to fasten the pieces or glue them. I have used carpet tape to avoid screws.

This shelf can be expanded whenever you wish (as long as IKEA have the Lack and Ekby Tryggve of course) both upwards and sidewards.

~ Jonas Palm, Uppsala, Sweden