Hackers Help: How to shorten ELVARLI posts?

I want to install the ELVARLI wardrobe system in my daughter’s bedroom.

But as it has three dormer windows and the ceiling height is lower than the 222cm (87 1/4″) ELVARLI post height, at its shortest level.

shorten ELVARLI posts

I’m wondering whether I can shorten the ELVARLI posts in any way? And maybe fit it with a slanted ceiling fixing appropriate for slanted ceilings?

I hope you can help!



Hi Claire

Unfortunately I have yet to see anyone shorten ELVARLI posts successfully. So I can’t say for sure if what you have in mind can be achieved. Anyone else knows whether this can be done?

What about using the ELVARLI side units instead of posts? You did not mention how much height you do have, but the side units are slightly shorter at 216cm tall.

If not, the ALGOT system is also a good choice. It has uprights in varying heights, with the tallest standing at 196cm. It looks a little less polished but is just as flexible in terms of storage options, especially for awkward spaces.

Hacks for sloped ceilings
ALGOT or shorten ELVARLI posts
ALGOT system | IKEA.com

If you’re keen to explore other wardrobe systems, we have seen some gorgeous closet hacks for slanted ceilings. EDH heavily modified the IKEA PAX into a slanted ceiling closet. It fits beautifully under the eaves on a 3m long wall.

slanted ceiling closet

Here’s another using the PAX modified for a sloping ceiling, featuring more traditional doors. When the closet is closed, the sloped ceiling is no longer noticeable. Definitely evens out the space visually.

wardrobe for sloping ceiling

One last one, a wardrobe for the loft. Seems like the PAX system is the product of choice for such conversions.

loft wardrobe

Moving away from PAX and all that hacking, the PLATSA is made for the trickiest of spaces. You can build high or low. Under a sloping ceiling or along an entire wall. 

PLATSA wardrobe

Unfortunately, the PLATSA is not available in all IKEA markets. Do check your local IKEA for availability.

Hope you find the solution to your wardrobe situation.

Happy hacking,