Materials: Lack side table, hand saw, pliers, wood glue, painters tape

Description: I bought a Lack side table for my living room, but it was too big for the space next to my couch. I wanted something half the size, so I decided to cut it in half.

I measured the table top and laid some painters tape in the middle (around 10.8 inches). The tape will prevent the table from chipping when cutting it in half. I drew a line on the painters tape marking the middle of the table. I used a hand saw and cut following the line I drew.

You should now have two pieces. You will need to remove the legs from one half of the table. With the 2 legs removed, use some pliers to remove the screws. Now use wood glue to attach the legs to the table top. You can wait for the glue to dry before gluing the base to the legs. I did it all at once, but it was a little frustrating because the legs kept falling off. Once everything is glued together, I put some heavy objects on the table to help the glue adhere.

One side of the table doesn’t look very good because you can see inside of the table top. This side is against my couch so you never see it. So if you decide to hack the Lack, plan to have it against a wall or a couch.

~ Daniel Dan


Jules Yap