Ikea PS hack for American diner living room

Materials: 4 Ikea PS red

Description: So I’m crazy about American Diners and wanted to change my living room/open kitchen into one.

Tables,chairs and decoration are easy to find. A closet, well that’s something you won’t see in a real diner. I needed the storage space so I came up with this idea with a good friend of mine. He’s very handy luckily.

We just cut of the legs of 4 red Ikea PS closets and put them together 2 by 2. Really simple. We attached the closets together by using some metal end screws at the back. (sorry no pics, buts it’s not complicated) Et voila my closet was ready. on top I used a diamond plate to disguise the small gap between the two top closets. To finish I added some decoration and done !

Hope you like the idea, I know I do.

~ Patrick, Belgium