Lack Turned Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Ikea Hack - DIY Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table by Triple Max Tons 2b-798404

Materials: Lack coffee table

Description: When John and I were living in Boston, we had an adorable – yet miniscule- shoebox of an apartment to furnish. Since we weren’t planning on staying there long term, we went the el cheapo route for furnishings…basically hand-me-downs and lots of Ikea. The white Lack coffee table from Ikea was just the right size, and doubled as our dining room table as well (we are thugs like that).

Ikea Hack - DIY Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table by Triple Max Tons 3e-705401

Surprisingly, 2 years later, that table is still with us. I really love the size of it, and its plain white finish just seemed to work with all our furniture. What I wasn’t loving was the “Ikea-ness” of it. Drawing inspiration from our sleek walnut credenza and hand-me-down vintage Eames chair (best hand-me-down EVER), I decided to give our table a mid-century modern makeover on the cheap. All I needed was a pair of signature tapered legs…so to Etsy and eBay I went. I ended up buying this set for a total of $35, if any of you are curious. Once they arrived, all I did was remove the Ikea legs and screw those mid-century babies in and voila! Old table, new look.

See more of the mid-century modern Lack.

~ Kirsten Stoddard, Austin, TX