MICKE drawer unit simple hack


Materials: MICKE Drawers, BLANKETT, foam board, wallpaper and double-sided tape

Description: I have a small bedroom with no closets (removed to enlarge the bathroom) a pink carpet, and wonky walls. I needed to be able to fit an office space, a wardrobe and a bed with nightstands. I was able to make it work by hacking Ikea furniture. For the “office space” I bought a MICKE desk and drawer unit because it was the shallowest desk Ikea offered that was still comfortable for me. I bought the extra-long desk (with two drawers) but removed the drawers because it forced me to keep my desk chair too low (long legs).


I had enough storage using the MICKE drawer unit but hate d the gaps between the drawers as that allowed too much dust to enter the unit. So I bought some BLANKETT handles and some foam board from Michaels. I covered the drawer fronts with a faux leather contact paper I bought from Amazon and I cut the foam board to size and cut a perfectly measure rectangular hole in the middle to fit around the BLANKETT handles and lie flush against the drawer front. I covered the board in some leftover wallpaper and used double sided tape to adhere. I used blue painters tap to hold it against the drawer front until the double-sided tape held firm. It fits perfectly and I don’t have to keep removing all the items inside to dust.

You could probably do this without the handles and it would definitely be easier but once you have the board perfectly cut out to cover the space then opening the drawers would be harder as you have eliminated you hand holds.

~ Dee, Pennsylvania, USA


Jules Yap