PS to bicycle repair stand

Materials: Ikea PS closets

Description: Some day i realized, that i desperately need a bicycle repair stand. To save space it should be somehow connected to a workbench and tool-storage box.
well, the free market did not offer somethin like that for cheap so i decided to hack one myself.

step one: get a (used) ikea ps tv closet

step 2: chop off the flimsy legs and stabilize the corners with sheets of plywood (10mm at least). Not shown in pictures but strongly recommended!

step 3: screw on some heavy duty wheels (also ikea)


step 4: get a big metal tube (~ 1.5m long) and fit the claw to it.

step 5: cut chipboard boards for the inside and the top side of your Ikea PS closet (13mm).

step 6: cut holes in ’em to stick your metal tube in.

step 7: Profit!