A Sleek, Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

wall mounted spice rack ikea
wall mounted spice rack ikea
casa sugar

Materials for wall mounted spice rack:

IKEA picture ledge
DROPPAR (or ÖRTFYLLD) spice jars

I discovered this while Googling around this morning. It’s a simple, but very effective hack to create a minimalist spice rack with a cleverly stenciled IKEA picture ledge.

Looks simple enough. Install the picture ledge as instructed. You can use a printed transparent sticker for the phrase “Let’s spice things up” but it’s entirely optional. Or even simpler, use a metallic pen or chalk pen to write whatever you want on the ledge.

On the spice jars, add your labels for each spice.

Makes me wish I had some wallspace where in my kitchen I could do this same thing!

~ submitted by Rob O., Odessa, TX