Simple headboard and KONSMO nightstands

Materials: BRIMNES, KONSMO, BLANKETT, wood and misc. hardware

Description: I have a small bedroom with no closets (removed to enlarge the bathroom) pink carpet, and wonky walls. I needed to be able to fit an office space, a wardrobe and a bed with nightstands. I was able to make it work by hacking Ikea furniture. For the bed situation I made a pink custom headboard to match the carpet and hung it over a BRIMNES full twin bed which can be pulled out to accommodate a full mattress. It also provides two large drawers for storage and an empty space on the other side for boxes. I made the headboard extra wide so that sides would hang partially behind the nightstands. I hung it using french cleats. I had two old KONSMO cubes which I had screwed together and laid a cushion over top to use as a bench seat at the foot of my bed.


I separated them and added some wooden feet I purchased for The Homedepot and painted a creamy white. They worked for a while but I noticed that my paper and misc items just kept piling up inside and the storage was ineffective. So I measured for the EXPEDIT drawers (which were deeper than I needed). I removed the back of the drawers and trimmed about one inch off of each side panel. I screwed the side panels into the cubes and the drawers slid in smoothly. I went with the flat white drawers to match the white of the bed.


The drawers actually fit flush but the angle of the pictures makes it look like there’€™s a gap. Also, I am not a very good photographer. I bought a double pack of BLANKETT handles and used one each on the back of the nightstand to keep the items on it straight and prevent them from falling backwards on the slippery surface. It keeps my picture frames perfectly in position.

So there you have it. A small and simple hack that has made my life much more organized.

~ Dee, Pennsylvania, USA


Jules Yap