Standing Workstation: Inexpensive yet delightfully practical

ikea hack-788736

Materials: LERBERG shelf unit, GORM clip on basket, KASSETT box with lid

Description: Having read the benefits of standing while you work, I went about looking for a standing desk. The standard options were either too big or too expensive (I live in an apartment so there’s not much space to spare).

I settled on the LERBERG shelf unit as I found the 2nd from top shelf was just the right height for typing on my laptop and the bottom shelf just right as a foot rest.

After setting up the unit, I folded down the third shelf at the back to provide space for leg room. Then, I swung the top shelf away at an angle to serve as a book or iPad display. I used shoe laces to secure the top “book display” at the desired angle.

Not satisfied with the space afforded on the top book display, I swapped it with the larger third shelf and was much happier. As the unit is made of steel, I used a few magnets to nicely hold down paper.

Finally I clipped on two GORM baskets at the bottom shelf to give me some storage space (KASSETT box with lid) as well as to add weight to the bottom part of this top-heavy workstation.

With the total cost not exceeding $38, I am delighted with my standing workstation as it is small, easy to move around and superbly practical.

~ Adeno, Malaysia