2 new faces for RUSCH

#1 Civil War RUSCH

Civil War RUSCH clock


  • 1x Rusch wall clock
  • 1x Iron Man sticker
  • 1x Captain America sticker
  • 1x Gold spray paint (optional)

1. Carefully remove the Rusch wall clock’s cover.
2. Carefully remove the clock hands
3. Cover the inner part of the clock using old newspaper
4. Spray the outer shell of the clock & wait for the clock to dry
5. Put on the sticker on the clock face
6. Carefully reattach the the clock hands & cover
*You might want to check whether you reattach the clock hands correctly before you reattach the cover.
7. Insert battery a hang your wall clock

~ by Nurul Natasha Abdullah Sani


#2 Polka dot RUSCH

Ikea rusch hack assembly

This is an easy IKEA RUSCH wall clock hack that I did for the kid’s room.


  • Ikea Rusch wall clock
  • Spray paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Clock numbers

It was a super easy hack that took very little time to do.

Ikea Ruch wall clock hack

1. I took apart the clock and sprayed the rim with the watermelon red spray paint.
2. For the clock face, I used the existing clock face and traced it onto a colorful scrapbook paper to create a new face.
3. I glued clock numbers to form the clock on top of the scrapbook paper. You could also use stickers or paint the numbers on.
4. Put the clock back together!

More details on my blog.

~ by Anika Kumar