Flat File Storage Using LINNMON Table Tops


Materials: LINNMON table tops, CAPITA Legs

Description: I needed a storage solution for for my large sheets of art paper, but architectural flat file cabinets are so expensive. IKEA table tops to the rescue!

I bought six LINNMON table tops and attached CAPITA legs to them, and then stacked them on top of each other. For the table top that would be at the bottom, I attached six CAPITA legs for extra support. I also used the 8″ legs on the bottom table top to make it higher. For the rest of the table tops, I used 4″ legs.



On the bottom of each CAPITA leg that would rest on a table top (i.e., every table top except the one on the bottom) I applied a dab of Liquid Nails. Then when I stacked the tables, the adhesive held each level together.

I also love how the flat file storage unit is tall enough for me to work while standing up. I’m happy. And my paper is even happier.

See more of the Linnmon flat file storage.

~ Jonathan Fong