Long Narrow Dining Table that costs less than $70

We needed a long narrow dining table for our dining room because we have a very large window seat.

However, we were having a lot of trouble finding anything that was long enough without it either being much to wide for the space or way too expensive.

So we decided to hack some IKEA!

LINNMON and LERBERG, A Long and Narrow Dining Table

Long narrow dining table hack

1) We bought two of the 47 inch LINNMON table tops, two LERBERG trestle legs, and two ADILS table legs.

2) We connected the table tops with the ADILS legs by holding them together and screwing them so that two of the holes in the ADILS screw plate were on one table top and the other three on the other. This also gave the table added stability.

long narrow dining table
adils leg
LINNMON and LERBERG, A Long and Narrow Dining Table

3) We flipped it over and put the LERBERG trestles on the ends.

The cost of the table was a total of $66.98! It was super simple to put together, and didn’t require any extra materials.

A very simple, and very inexpensive hack which provided us with the perfect dining table for our space.

~ Lauren & Christopher, Colorado

Jules Yap