Reggae Step Stool


Materials: BEKVAM Step stool, beech

Description: 1. Paint entire step stool solid color of your choice using high gloss paint (easier for washing).

2. Wait for that to dry.

3. Choose a cliche and/or set of lyrics that relates to a step stool! I considered also Skee-lo’s “I wish I was a little bit taller” (which is long, but would look awesome in cursive), but ultimately chose simple block letters and a more timeless lyric.

4. Sketch out letters lightly with a pencil or a colored pencil that is close in color to the paint color I find that this has less chance of showing through.

5. Paint the letters on in a coordinating color of your choice! I personally like the darker stool/lighter letters combo, but whatever works!

See more of the Reggae stool.

~ Blythe, New York, NY