3-seater Tullerö


Materials: 1 x Tullerö, 2 x VYSSA Slappna (160×60), IKEA textile of your choice, scissor, staplemachine, sharp knife, spray-glue, screws and a saw.

Description: Tired of the two-seater, 2 chairs and table? Need more space? The pillows are a hassle? Do like I did – make a padded 3-seater and cut the size of the table.

I needed a smaller table so I cut off the outer bars on each side of the table and stained the cuts to hide the cut.



Start by cutting off the handles on the two-seater and one of the chairs (so you can place them together.)

Take some screws and screw them in the legs in the front and back (I used a total of 8 screws).

From the second chair, take 3 of the back “plates” and screw these on under the lowest “plates” on the 3-seater and chair. So the mattress will not fall out.

Take your VYSSA mattress and cut them to fit (the length of 160 is perfect, you just need to cut the depth) I cut one to 47 cm (seating) and the other to 42,5 (back).

Place the mattress on the seating first, spraying glue between the mattress and seating. Lay your textile over, wrap it under the edge and start stapling. Be careful around the edges to get a smooth edge.

When done with the seating, do the same with the back.

The rest of the second chair I took apart and kept in case I needed some parts for later mods on the 3-seater 🙂

~ Roger, Norway