Bathroom rubbish bin/stool hack


Materials: MOLGER

Description: So we have this IKEA bathroom suite and we were looking for a suitable rubbish bin to include in it. IKEA doesn’t sell the piece of furniture any more but you can do the same with the MOLGER stool. We put in our units so the stool slips out of the way under the IKEA bathroom column.


The HACK : Basically you cut two of the wooden strips out in the side of the stool. You then use what you have just cut to make a nice opening in the stool. The photos are quite explicit.

Cut 20cm off two of the wooden strips. Start at 5,5cm from end of strip. You get 2 pieces of 20cm and a gaping hole in the stool.

Cut the two pieces up, each into another two pieces. One 8,4cm the other 11,6cm. Use the two 8,4cm pieces to make the gaping hole look nice. Use the two 11,6cm pieces to screw it all together from inside.

I used a jig saw and some small screws. Inside we have put a small plastic bucket that conveniently holds a bag for the rubbish.

Happy Hacking.