7 cheaper organizer inserts to fit the IKEA Komplement drawer

The cost of the KOMPLEMENT drawer organizer adds up when you have many drawers to fill. What are the options?

Hayley asked on the IKEAhackers FB group, “We’ve just bought a PAX wardrobe and really want the KOMPLEMENT drawer inserts to keep things organised.

But we have quite a lot of drawers so it’s going to work out really expensive…

KOMPLEMENT drawer organizer, set of 6, $35.97 | IKEA.com

What alternatives do people use that fit the drawers properly?”

Kristy recommends using the KOMPLEMENT drawer organizers sparingly, and positioning them smartly. She says, “I used the IKEA inserts (the square felt organisers), but only put a couple in each drawer. That way I can fold smaller things into the organisers, and larger things just into the drawers.”

KOMPLEMENT Drawer Organizer

IKEA alternatives to the KOMPLEMENT drawer organizer

1. IKEA SKUBB the budget friendly drawer organizer

Go for the cheaper SKUBB boxes. At the price of $6.99 for a set of 6, it is a great pocket-friendly option. And the boxes work just as well as the more luxurious, felt KOMPLEMENT drawer organizer. To store them, unzip the boxes and fold flat.

However, since the SKUBB boxes are not specifically designed for the KOMPLEMENT drawers you will not be able to fit 6 SKUBB boxes perfectly in one KOMPLEMENT drawer. That’s where your creativity comes in. Use one or two of the boxes as dividers to organize smaller items and place larger items around them.

SKUBB cheaper than KOMPLEMENT Drawer Organizer
SKUBB set of 6 boxes | IKEA.com

2. IKEA STUK box with compartments

The STUK box is another affordable organizer from IKEA. It is made for the PLATSA wardrobe, so again, not the best fit. It comes in 5 sizes and with a bit of Tetris skills you can maximise the organization capabilities of these handy boxes.

STUK box with compartments | IKEA.com

DIY alternatives to the KOMPLEMENT drawer organizer

3. DIY cardboard inserts

Monika suggests a DIY approach of making custom cardboard drawer dividers. The video below is a lovely tutorial.

There are also easier versions of cardboard dividers — like the one below. Easier but just as useful and functional. Just add more boards and slots for smaller sections.

4. Paper boxes

You can try folding paper boxes from scrapbook paper. They are an easy way to add some colour to your closet, if you wish. Here’s a tutorial.

DIY Drawer Organizer Boxes

Credit: I Heart Organizing

5. Plastic spacers

IKEA used to sell plastic dividers called HOFTA. But they’ve been discontinued.

hofta drawer dividers

You can find similar ones on Amazon. I find them particularly useful for smaller items like makeup, underwear, socks, scarves.

drawer spacers
Drawer dividers | Buy on Amazon.com

6. Use what you have

Another option would be to upcycle things you have at home. Such as shoe boxes.

Alternative KOMPLEMENT Drawer Organizer idea
Credit: Real Simple

All you need to do is to cut the shoe boxes to size, place in drawer and fill with your items. Glue on a layer of wrapping paper or fabric to prettify the boxes.

7. Custom non-permanent wooden dividers

If you’re looking for front to back dividers, this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen out there. All you need to do is stick on cord clips and slot in thin pieces of plywood (or foam core) to form the dividers. If you use 3M Command strips for the clips, you can easily remove them should you need to reposition the dividers.

What other drawer organizers or dividers have you used for the KOMPLEMENT drawers? Let us know in the comments below.