Field of Flowers Crochet Poäng Chair


Materials: Poäng Chair and Footstool, Korndal Beige Cushions

Description: I love my Poäng, but I had nowhere to put it after moving to my new house. I also needed a comfortable new office chair for work and the Poäng fit the bill. I like having a place to sit back when the stress level is high, and I can type while sitting near the end of the chair. I decided to make a new chair cover because the cushions were stained after several years of use.

Unfortunately, I can’t sew well enough to make it look professional (I did manage to make new covers for my Börje dining room chairs, but that only required scissors and a staple gun). I also couldn’t find any fabric I liked for the job. But I can crochet…


I found a free flower pattern on Pinterest and started making motifs using a G hook and all of the blue and purple yarn in my stash. After making a rectangle about the size of the front of the cushion, I crocheted a stretchy back V stitch (double crochet, chain 1, double crochet, repeat) for enough rows to just barely stretch across the back. Then I joined the top and bottom (slip stitch, chain 1, slip stitch in other side). I stretched the edges and joined them in a similar fashion.

After working in all of the ends, it looks great! It’s not easily removable, but it cleans easily with fabric cleaners. And it only cost about $10 because I needed to buy new yarn for the back.

I really like the V stitch on the back and I think the entire cushion would look good covered with that as well. It shapes around the cushion very easily. Stripes would be very easy to do that way. Granny squares might also work, but I don’t think they would stretch as well.

~ Heather, Wisconsin, USA