From BASISK Pendant to Modern Planter


My BASISK Pendant light refused to hang straight, so I transformed it into a pretty plant pot.

Here’s how:

Disassemble the pendant light. I don’t have any pictures of this step, but it basically involves unscrewing any components you can, cutting through the lamp cord, and pulling off the metal parts. It’s easy, don’t worry.

If you want to make your Ikea hack even more awesome, tape and paint a design on the shade-turned-pot. Hot neon pink is always a good choice.

Cut a piece of mesh large enough to cover the bottom of the pot, and place it over the hole.

Tie up the old terra cotta pot in a plastic bag and either drop it on the ground (outside!), or hit it with a hammer to break it. You want a variety of piece sizes, roughly quarter sized to sand-dollar sized. Bonus: breaking old terra cotta pots is very therapeutic.


Weigh down the mesh with a few pieces of terra cotta around the edges. Then, continue to layer in large and small pieces until the bottom of the pot is completely covered. My local gardening center actually recommends this for good drainage, so our hacked planters will house very healthy plants.

Add soil and a plant, and you’re done!

Jules Yap