Klassy Butcherblock Tops for Klubbo Tables


Materials: Klubbo Nesting Table set; John Boos maple butcher block tops

Description: IKEA’s Klubbo nesting tables have a very classy look – except for the tops, which are very light weight, and frankly look pretty cheap. At IKEA I bought the white Klubbo table set ($10 less than the black). At my hardwood store I also bought two John Boos solid maple cutting board tops as close to the correct size as possible. (Definitely not cheap!)

klubbo2 klubbo3

I assembled both table bases without the IKEA tops. Using a table saw, a trim router and a sander I cut the new maple tops to size, rounded the edges and sanded them. I finished them with satin wipe-on poly. Then I marked the locations for the screws on the undersides, pre-drilled pilot holes, and fastened them to the bases with screws.

Very solid and look great!

~ Doug, Evanston, IL