Klubbo Turns Lovely Peony Printed Ottoman


Supplies: 2 yds of upholstery fabric, 4in foam cut to coffee table size, 8 yds 5/32″ welt cord, hi-loft batting, coordinating thread, spray adhesive, staple gun, staples, yardstick or t-square, pins, scissors and sewing machine.


Description: First I took off the legs on the Ikea Klubbo and used spray adhesive to stick 4 inch thick foam onto the top. The lady at the cutting counter at JoAnns was super nice and cut it right to the size I needed! Then put the batting over the foam to cut it to size. Staple that down at the bottom of the sides.

Then I cut out the fabric pieces for the top and sides and created the cording. I got by without changing the foot on my sewing machine, but I’m sure a welt cording foot would make it a bit easier! After completing the cover I slipped it over the foam covered coffee table stapled the fabric to the bottom of the table while flipped over. For more detailed instructions and photos, take a look at my blog.

Jules Yap