FrankenIKEA Fireplace Surround

Materials: Lack Shelf, Lack Flooring, Akirum Cabinet, Rubrik Panel, Nexus Door, Ikea Wall Sconce

Description: When we bought this condo, it had a builder installed fireplace in a simple drywall box with niche opening on the left side. The only trim was the slate surround. It was bare and ugly. So, I did the following:

1) Furred out the wall for wiring.
2) Installed Lack birch click lock flooring over the furring on all of the vertical surfaces. The trim is a combination of Lack quarter round and under cabinet moulding.
3) Installed an Akurum base cabinet inside the nich to the left of the fireplace. The Nexus birch door matched the cabinets in the adjacent kitchen.
4) Installed a Akurum Rubrik tall end panel in stainless steel as the top to the fireplace box. It was just the right size – no cutting involved.
5) Installed a Lack birch shelf above the fireplace box. This was the same length as the Rubrik tall cabinet. Again, no cutting.
6)Installed two IKEA wall sconces high up on the wall on a dimmer.
7) Lastly, I installed a wall mount for the TV and wired it up.
We are the only people in the complex with a custom surround and it receives compliments from friends and neighbors. No one can believe it all came from IKEA. Total cost was around $200 – 250.

~ Darcy Garneau, Seattle, WA