Quick and Easy Jewelry Stand


Materials: ÅRYD Tealight holder, HULTET Dish bamboo, metal decorative plate

Description: You can pick up any plate or candle holders you want. Mix and match the colors – have it fit your current decor! I picked up this metal lace plate because the holes are perfect (and strong enough) for earrings.


1) Layer glue on the bottom side of the candlestick holder. Press gently but firmly onto the center of the bottom plate.
2) Layer glue on the top side of the candlestick holder. Press center of top plate onto candlestick holder. Let rest for 8 hours or more. (Or, if you’€™re impatient, just start throwing stuff on! Just don’€™t lift it by the top plate).
3) Start throwing your bling on!

~ Betty, Boston