Design hanging planters


Materials: Asker container & Ikea plants

Description: On a design website I saw these amazing hanging planters, but at $100 a piece they were way too expensive. So when I visited Ikea and saw the Asker container I knew what I had to do.

– Asker containers (they two sizes, choose the one you like, although the bigger size fits larger plants)
– Any plant that fits into a small pot. Ikea has a variety of good sized plants.
– Thrift store leather belts in varying colors (mine were 50 cents a piece)


– Put the plant in the Asker container
– Feed the belt through the hole
– Put a nail in the wall
– Hang the planter in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or study.

Note: The big Asker containers have a hole in the bottom, so I taped it with duct tape from the inside out to prevent leaking when I water the plants.

They actually look better than the design planters I saw!

~ Liesbeth Smit, Amsterdam