From Stolmen post, to a 5 cycles storage

Bike Rack1b

Materials: STOLMEN, 2 clothing rails, brackets

Description: Here it is my solution for storing part of the fleet.
I could take advantage of the high ceiling in my room: 305cm (10ft) using as little width and depth as possible.

The Stolmen post is perfect for the job, altogether with two clothing rails and all the brackets required.
The beams holding the hooks are made with solid timber, 50x70mm and drilled to ø30mm, so they rest on the rails on a relatively wide area (avoiding a stress point).

Note that the shelf is optional, I’ve used it as it is very convenient for leaving helmets, lights, gloves, etc.

One thing that is VERY IMPORTANT: none of the bikes in the picture is above 10kg, so the total weight carried by the system is about 40kg.

Bike Rack4b Bike Rack3b

Keep this in mind, as Ikea does not state the maximum load for the posts and the clothes rails.
I would NOT USE IT with loads over 55-60kg, but it is up to you. Fixing the posts on the ceiling is mandatory! 😉