From laundry hanger to chandelier


Materials: Ikea Pressa, 1 small paper clip, spray paint, glitter, strands of acrylic crystals, up cycled tutu and silk flower, ribbon

Description: 1) remove all of the clips from the Pressa
2) Spray paint the Pressa
3) I sprinkled clear glitter on the bottom of the Pressa, mainly because this is where the “ikea” name and logo are, spray paint would not have covered it since its raised in the plastic.
4) Hung the acrylic crystals from the hooks

chandelier2 chandelier3 chandelier4

5) Used paper clip to hang middle strand. You will have to bend and manipulate into the hole.
6) Used upcycled tutu (any tule will work) to hide the mid section, and added that little ballerina look.
7) Used a large silk flower to hide the hook area. Used a ribbon to tie it on
8) Use remaining ribbon to hang

This entire project took less than 2 hours and my daughter loves it!

~ Diana, San Diego, CA