Godmorgon sink cabinet to storage trunk


Godmorgon sink cabinet turned bedroom storage trunk:

1) The bottom drawer was assembled and installed according to the Ikea instructions.
2) The top drawer was not assembled. The drawer front is held on by L-brackets. It is also screwed in through the front cross beam (don’t skip screwing the drawer in along the entire length of the front cross beam… this provides stability and stops it from swaying side to side when sat upon)
3) I screwed cleats into the side walls of the trunk and then screwed slats to them to create a bottom for the hinged portion of the trunk. The slats came from an Ikea bed (a Malm single, I do believe).
4) I cut a piece of plywood slightly larger than the top, added foam, and upholstered it.
5) The top is held on by a piano hinge and a chest lid stay/hinge was installed.
6) I added foam pads to the bottom of the trunk so that it will not scratch the floor when moved, but also to lift it up off the floor enough for the bottom drawer to slide open and closed.

IMG_8496sm IMG_8499sm

The trunk is a bit taller than your standard trunk would be and I’m a bit shorter than your standard girl would be. If I get up on my tip toes before sitting, I can get my butt up on the seat though. No other adult in my house has this issue, just us shorties. We use the top part of the trunk to store our decorative pillows at night and the drawer to store extra blankets and sheets. I’m very happy with how it turned out!