Modernized banister with Dignitet


Materials: Dignitet curtain wire and fittings. For vertical items : bike brakes cable clamp.

Description: We used a few Dignitet curtain sets to modernize our old banister.


After having removed the old spindled and painted the whole lot, we simply followed the instructions to place the fittings and the wires. We followed the (European) legislation and made sure that there would not be more than 18 cm between two horizontal (or diagonal) items (wire or pole), and no more than 11 cm between two vertical items.


Speaking of vertical wires : in our case, putting a real fitting there wouldn’t have looked nice. It would have ended up in to little wire for to much fittings on such a short “spindle”. For those, we used Dignitet support/corner fittings and bike brakes cable clamps, bought in the hardware shop (see photos).

Disclaimer : we know these Ikea wires are not meant for banisters and don’t meet the safety requirements. We decided to use them anyway because our kids are old enough not to play with the wire or have any inappropriate use of them. In case of anyone falling there, if the wires broke, the height of the fall wouldn’t cause any serious damage. Anyone who is interested in this hack should consider one’s own situation.