Drilling in a Domsjö farmer sink?

Hi IKEA hackers. Hopefully somebody out there can help us with a hack.
We have our hearts set on the small Domsjö ceramic farmer sink for our new kitchen. The problem is that we have vertical water pipes going from floor to ceiling near the wall at the sink area, which would interfere with the back of the Domsjö as it goes all the way to the wall.

We can’t move the sink (or the pipes), so we have to work around somehow. So the question is if anyone has cut/drilled in the Domsjö sink, and how to go about it.

The pipes are both 3 cm in diameter if that helps, and are placed approximately like I’ve drawn in the picture.

I know the easiest solution would be to just get the Domsjö insert sink, but where would the fun be in that ;).

Thanks a lot