Quilters Table with storage

2 IKEA Expedit (2 x 4) bookcases
2 sheets of plywood (3/4″)
5 heavy duty casters
5 washers
5 lockwashers
leftover flooring
18 – 20 L-brackets

1. Assemble the two bookcases

2. Cut the two sheets of plywood down to 6 ft (cut 2 ft off the long side). The sheets will now measure 4ft x 6 ft). Paint one side of each sheet to match/coordinate the finish of your EXPEDIT pieces. In my case, I just painted them white.

3. Mount 4 of the casters in the four corners (within 6″ of the edge of the long side so that they will not interfere with the bookcases), and one in the center. The casters should be mounted on the side of the plywood that is NOT painted.

4. Position the bookcases parallel to each other but with 13 1/4″ of space in between them. Position the plywood (with the casters) on top of the two bookcases. You should now have a 6″ overhang on the long ends, and a 2″ overhang on the short ends. Secure the the plywood and the bookcases together with L-brackets (2 on each of the short ends and 1 in the middle of the long side).

5. FOR THIS STEP ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED !! Turn the table upright (see photo above)

6. Attach the 2nd piece of plywood (painted side down) to the top of the two bookcases, using the same measurements you used on the bottom.

7. Finish the top with the covering of your choice. I used leftover flooring for mine. In the main picture, I have attached the trim to the top but not yet to the bottom.

~ Irene Grimes

Jules Yap