Kids 3-drawer desk/craft table


1. Assemble the chest as directed, but wait to tack on the back and insert drawers. Paint if desired.

2. Decide which side you want the drawers to be on, and affix the 2 ADILS table legs to the opposite side of the Linnmon table top using the pre-drilled holes.

The Linnmon table top is just shy of fitting on to the top of the chest. Ideally you might want to cut a piece of thin plywood to fit in on the top of the chest to make the surface level. I however was building this for my 4 year old who has a propensity for destruction. I figured I would be replacing the table top again in a couple of years, and would make that fix at that time. So instead I drilled a few holes through the top of the chest and placed a few washers there to keep it level.

ikea2 ikea3

3. CAREFULLY attach the table top with screws going from the inside of the chest up into the table top. Go slow and make sure your screws aren’t too long (oops!) I have a small dent on the top of mine, but luckily it didn’t go all the way through.

4. If you want, customize the front of the drawers before inserting. I took fabric of my sons favorite characters (Star Wars) and cut it using the drawer front as a template to fit. I then spread a thin layer of mod podge for fabric to the wood and carefully laid down the fabric, smoothing as I went to prevent wrinkles, and then applied mod podge again to the top and allowed to dry. Once dry I used a sharp metal pick to poke holes through the fabric where the drawer pulls would go so that the screws wouldn’t loosen the fabric.

And done! Took about 1 afternoon with a 4 year old and a 1 year old constantly wanting to “help”