Yarnbombing Station

Materials: Rationell Variera, old cupboard door

Description: I live in a room in a shared house and like to do yarnbombing. My old setup was basically a perpetual mess – I use that table to put lots of other stuff on and the cones or yarn would collapse and tangle.

Inspired by this hack, I trekked to Ikea and bought a bunch of Rationell Variera bag holders, two Bygel cup things, and a Ribba painting rail that I wanted to use for the machine tools but didn’t end up using. (not enough vertical space)

I found an old cupboard door in my shed and now I have an awesome yarnbombing station.


I’m especially pleased that it was a no-tools-required hack: I don’t have much in the way of tools or workspace in a student house, and I often have to wait with doing stuff until I can use the workshop at my parents’ house.

~ Arwen Bijker, The Netherlands