Kvartal window insulation


I have two picture windows in my living room that are sheet glass with an aluminum storm window over them. That means they turn our living room into a green house in the summer and still allow a ton of heat out in the winter. While I know new windows would pay for themselves over time, there just isn’t money in the budget to replace these two whoppers while trying to keep up with the rest of the repairs needed around here (like the $450 drain line for the kitchen sink).

The solution I decided on was Kvartal, and combine them with a product called Reflectix instead of a decorative, fabric panel.

If you’ve never seen Reflectix before, it’s essentially a double layer of bubble wrap with a reflective, metallic surface. The idea is that it helps reflect the heat to keep it where you want it to stay.

As far as installing the insulating curtains, it’s essentially the same process as drawn in the directions that came Kvartal tracks and mounting brackets, except instead of putting in a decorative fabric panel into the top and bottom rail unit, I used 24″ wide Reflectix.

The only special step required was to take a pin and pop a couple of rows of bubbles on the Reflectix so that I could fit it into the top and bottom rail. With the air still in the bubbles the material was just too thick.

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Jules Yap