A Mini-Me Kitchen for a Little Chef

littlekitchen kitchenfinished straighton2 700 727408
littlekitchen kitchenfinished straighton2 700 727408

Materials: TROFAST unit & accessories, RIBBA frame, tile, fabric, paint, hardware

Description: Searching out the perfect play kitchen to actually fit in our big kitchen proved to be a challenge. The TROFAST toy storage unit was the perfect solution.

I converted the pine toy storage shelf into a kitchen for our daughter’s 2nd birthday, but the transformation ultimately took five months to complete because we kept wanting to add more and more cute details!

littlekitchen finished livcookingsink 700 730434
littlekitchen ovenopen 700 733963
littlekitchen finished livsmiling2 700 736524
littlekitchen kitchencomparison 700 739750

Some of my favorites include: a tile backsplash, stove top and oven, mini sink and lots of hidden storage.

Full transformation here.

~ Morgan Spenla, San Diego

Jules Yap